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Software Development Services

Software can be categorized in many ways. Applications such as an order entry and accounting systems are highly customizable for each client. Operating systems and office applications are no different whether used by large corporations, small businesses or personal use. Other software requires internet and are web enabled applications accessible from multiple offices.

Open source technologies (free software) are increasingly coming to the picture while bringing attractive pricing. What is better for server operating system software: Windows or Linux? What database server software should be used: Oracle, Microsoft, or would free products like PostgreSQL, mySQL will suffice? Which version or licensing of the product should be used: enterprise level full blow version or a free one will do just fine? Each choice has it's own attractive options, while others only have higher price tag wanting to mislead to the thinking that the higher the price the better the product.

We focus on software development services that enables companies to make more money while spending less. We are good at hearing the needs/problems of businesses and identifying areas for the best return on investment. We achieve these results through careful analysis of what company needs while trying to eliminate things that aren't likely to have an acceptable return on investment.

So, if you are in USA, and you're looking for for Software Development Services, call us - we can't wait.

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Custom Software Clients
The system has only gone down one time. There was an invoice or work order that was bad and caused the system to crash. I called 1st Custom Software, and they answered the phone right away. Once I told them about what had happened, they were able to fix it remotely for me in 2 or 3 minutes.
Alex Batenko,