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Business Applications

A new or enhanced small business application

An application will typically automate a portion of your business for you. More functionality and more requirements mean that the application will cost more. You may decide to do some of the requirements now, and some later. We can create the new application for you, or if you already have a custom application, we can modify and enhance it for you. The application will keep its data in a database, and the cost includes both the design of the application and its accompanying database. A new application typically will cost more than for just modifications.

Your business might need an inventory tracking system, scheduling routine, or a customer database. Small businesses tend to have a lot of the same functions, and we are familiar with these functions. The software can be run internally, or we can construct it to run over the web. By owning your own code, you can decide how it works.

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Custom Software Clients
When I first met with 1st Custom Software, I told them that everything they see on the table, all the papers and information, needs to go to the computer. 1st Custom Software delivered a solution that works. I like everything about it. It saves me time.
Alex Batenko,