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Software for Resale

Develop a software product for you to use and resell

Your business might have multiple offices or even franchises. When creating a new software application, we can design it in such a way that you can sell it or license it to other businesses for their use, even if their business is slightly different from your own. We do this by designing a special model that will work for more than one company and we add optional settings so that each company can configure a unique set-up for their own business or office. This additional design and software coding requires more work, but might make sense if you want to be able to charge others for the software that you designed and that you own.

Just imagine---if you are a small business, then you know that there are other small businesses similar to you in other cities and states. If you create some software to run your type of business, then you can market it to those other companies across the country. You are the one who knows the requirements, the suppliers, what should be included, how the operations should work. We know software. If you can create the model for how the software needs to work, we can create the software product for you...and you own the software!

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Custom Software Clients
They responded quickly to my inquiry. They came up with an answer for my problem right away. They quoted a price up front for the work. They understood what I needed.
Alex Batenko,