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Go to Russia Travel

Go To Russia Travel is a small Internet business. Its personnel interact with embassies, travel agencies, property managers and various people in the tourism industry. 1st Custom Software was hired to do a system design for this small business.

Our process

1st Custom Software decided to observe the employees doing their work, and spent time with each worker to analyze the current business process. By understanding the existing work flow, 1st Custom Software was able to apply their technology knowledge to the project and propose ways to cut the work flow via automation.

In addition, 1st Custom Software upgraded the database software for Go To Russia Travel. Before 1st Custom Software was hired, the MS Access database was crashing every day because it could not keep up with the business. The new MS SQL database installed and configured by 1st Custom Software has been reliable, and supports a new office.

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Custom Software Clients
The system has only gone down one time. There was an invoice or work order that was bad and caused the system to crash. I called 1st Custom Software, and they answered the phone right away. Once I told them about what had happened, they were able to fix it remotely for me in 2 or 3 minutes.
Alex Batenko,