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Spec Out Your Software Project with A Free Quote

If you’re considering having a piece of software developed, you may be wondering exactly what kind of work may be required to accomplish the task.  Even if you’ve written out the specs on your project you may be procrastinating on … Continue reading

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Software to Improve Your Business and Your Life

Once in a while we do a round up of some of the coolest, most useful software on the web. This is software that really has the potential to improve lives, to understand your data in new and intuitive ways, … Continue reading

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Keeping Track of What the Online Community is Saying About You

Are you tracking the mentions that your company gets on websites, blogs, and online news sources?  Tracking online mentions is a fantastic way to quickly understand what the public as a whole is responding to about your business.  The problem … Continue reading

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Take a Hint from Google – Your Customers Love Web Apps

The reason just about everyone in the world is enamored by Google is because of their innovative web apps that make life a whole lot easier. Google is constantly cooking up something new and innovative in their top-secret labs. Take … Continue reading

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Are You Getting Enough Leisure Time?

A press release published by the OPEN from American Express talks about a recent study that says 81% of small business owners are satisfied with the amount of leisure time they get.  Are you one of them?  These stats seem … Continue reading

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