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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Custom Software Development

Today, custom software development services mean that more companies have unlimited options in acquiring the software solutions they need for their businesses. However the choice of custom software over commercial licensed 'off the shelf' software is one that you'll want to put some thought into. Both custom software development and off the shelf software solutions have their benefits and you need to consider your options before making a choice.

How Contract Programming Helps Businesses Excel Past their Competitors

Are you certain that the software you use to run your business isn't in fact holding back the progress of your business? Surprisingly, a majority of businesses are actually limited by the software they rely on.

9 “Conspiracy” Clauses in Software Contracts

The cost to develop proprietary information technology can be astronomical, but players who want to stay in the game have to pay for custom software development. If you’re hiring an outside contractor to develop your custom software, there are 9 clauses in custom software development contracts that you must take extremely seriously or risk losing a lot of money, time, and even your most valuable information.

How Do You Know If Your Website Is Doing All It Could For Your Business?

In the past, limited web technology meant that company websites served as little more than online brochures. Today, this is no longer the case. The companies that are leading the way in their industries don't ask 'how can I work within the confines of standard web platforms," – they ask "how can I make it easier for customers to interact with my website and buy from me?'

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Custom Software Clients
I have 3 offices. Everything was paper-based before. I used to have to spend hours searching for a particular invoice that was misplaced, but now I can just "click" and it's there. The software makes the business information more accurate.
Alex Batenko,